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  • Why 'Pataphys?

    I could have named my website something like but my uncle Roy Sablosky already owns and I thought that might be too confusing or too I decided on this name which, I think, sums up my goal, which is to go beyond what is expected. Following is a brief explanation of my thinking.

    ...'Pata is beyond meta, a Greek prefix that means outside of or beyond or about something. Epistemologically, meta is an abstraction of something else, or a prefix that refers to a self-reference... like looking into a reflection of a reflection, or having a conversation about conversation. I am definitely implying some sense of (dry) humor here. As a homophone, metta is a term used in thai bodywork and healing modalities in general which means lovingkindness. In this sense, 'pata being above meta, or metta, would supercede lovingkindness. I think that's a nice sentiment too.

    Physics is the knowledge of nature, or its general analysis.

    How Pataphysics relates to complementary medicine more specifically is through a fundamental concept of antimony, a mutual incompatibility of two things. In this case it could be obvious as yin and yang, empirical and academic knowledge, reason and emotion, or science and medicine. Why - and how - we have come to oppose these and other similar concepts which are truly interrelated, is something I am particularly interested in exploring...outside of the practice of various healing arts.

    Therefore, to bring it all together, Pataphysics is a double or even triple entendre that implies a sense of going beyond what is known and sensed onto something even better - a unified whole or sense of oneness. In terms of medicine, this would be a holistic approach which incorporates knowledge and practice from a variety of sources where the sum of the whole equals more than the parts.