New Patients

For new patients:

What should you expect on your first appointment? I will have a little paperwork for you before we get started. The first appointment generally lasts a little more than a hour because, depending on what you would like to address, I will go over your medical history and as well as that of your present issue. I also like to answer any and all questions about the medicine, like how it works, what it is like, how and why I do things as I do, and the history of the medicine (if you are interested).

In general, acupuncture does not hurt but it is very relaxing. As regards price, I can go over that with you when you visit and I do have set rates but, in certain circumstances such as financial hardship and need, I am more than willing to work on a sliding scale basis if you are willing to commit to your health and well-being.

Concerning Thai Massage, I can (and often do) work within an hour massage, but prefer hour and a half sessions. Hour sessions usually run about 70 minutes and cost $85. 90 minutes sessions are $100. These often include cupping, gua sha, application of liniments, balms, and herbal compresses on the affected area(s). I always suggest wearing comfortable clothes that allow for unobstructed movement, and not eating right before your massage.

I look forward to meeting you!