Preparing for your visit:

In general, acupuncture does not hurt and it is actually very relaxing. Please refrain from wearing perfumes or scents on your body when you come to the office, as smell is an important diagnostic element and also some patients have allergies. Also, please wear loose and comfortable clothing, and be prepared to remove your socks and or stockings.

What should you expect on your first appointment? I will have a little paperwork for you before we get started. The first appointment generally lasts a little more than a hour because, depending on what you would like to address, I will go over your medical history and as well as that of your present issue. I also like to answer any and all questions about the medicine, like how it works, what it is like, how and why I do things as I do, and the history of the medicine (if you are interested).

Professional Services and Fees

First Appointment Consultation and Treatment                     $125

Follow-up Visits and Treatments                                                 $90

Herbal Consult Only                                                                       $50

Laser Therapy (with topical application of cream or serum)  $30 ($300 for 12 sessions)

~scholarships are available for those with need~

Herbal Medicine

Liquid Concentrates                                                       $15-25 per ounce

Patent Medicine                                                               $10-20 per bottle

Raw Formulas                                                                    Market Pricing

Avicenna Dermatology Topicals                                   $17-70

Pure Ratios CBD Products                                             $15-60

Concerning Thai Massage, I can (and often do) work within an hour massage, but prefer hour and a half sessions. Hour sessions usually run about 70 minutes and cost $85. 90 minutes sessions are $110. These often include cupping, gua sha, application of liniments, balms, and herbal compresses on the affected area(s). I always suggest wearing comfortable clothes that allow for unobstructed movement, and not eating right before your massage.

I look forward to meeting you!