I welcome the opportunity to help you with your skin, whether you have a chronic/long-standing condition or would like for your skin to just look better. Chinese Medicine offers many options for treatments which include the internal and topical application of herbal formulas as well as diet counseling.

I started studying skin with Mazin al-Khafaji in 2015 practically on a whim. At the time I thought that no one really knew that much about skin, even Western dermatologists but espcially Chinese Medicine practitioners. Wow, was I wrong! Despite the fact that friends of mine and I had had many experiences that had cost tons of money with dermatology without much positive result, I wanted to learn where the problems with the discipline/specialty existed (I have a background in the History and Philosophy of Science). I now know that both Chinese and Western Dermatology have lots to offer.

Being a Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, I have have hundreds of ingredients to address just about any skin disorder I encounter. Because I treat each person's skin individually (as opposed to by disease name) I can adapt treatments as needed and, because Chinese Medicine considers the root or reason for the problem in addition to its expression, the results I see tend to be for the very long term.