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I moved back to San Diego from York, PA and got a new name - and am working on a new look!

Now Emily Sablosky Acupuncture is

East West

and located at 4229 Park Boulevard, San Diego 92103 within the Taoist Sanctuary of San Diego

please call (858) 255-1512 to schedule

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I like to connect with people through shared connections and experiences and, as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, I see this as one of the primary focal points of my work. I aim to meet my patients where they are in order to assist in unraveling tension patterns in the body with relaxation and breathing techniques which serve as adjunctve therapies to all else which falls under the umbrella of Chinese Medicine. 

I am a general practitioner - and have studied deeply to be able to address and treat dermatological, auto-immune, and gastrointestinal issues all while helping you to relax, deal with stress, sleep better, and feel better in general. I look forward to having the chance to work with you!